Tulip Time 2021 - Latest

Jan 01, 2021

Pella's celebration of Dutch heritage and vibrantly blooming tulips is happening this year from May 6-8, 2021. There will be some changes due to health restrictions but it is happening.

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Some frequently asked questions:

Usually I buy tickets online in November. Why aren't they for sale yet?
Tickets will not be available for pre-sale this year. Instead, you can purchase tickets for events when you arrive in Pella during Tulip Time 2021.

​How will social distancing be handled in large crowds? Will everyone have to wear masks?
The Tulip Time Steering Committee is working hard to make a plan on this, including the types of activities that may or may not be possible this year and where masks are required. We will also be getting guidance from the Marion County Department of Health.


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